Final Exam Week

Final Exams for designated classes will take place

Thanksgiving Break

No classes will take place during these two days

Eid-ul-Adha Break

No classes will take place during this week

Classes Begin for Full Time Students

The first day of Fall Semester for full-time students

Arabic Proficiency Exam

New students that registered for Suffa are required to take this exam before they can begin their Arabic classes. Based on the students performance on the exam they will either be placed in Arabic level 1 or Arabic level 2. The test can be taken on either the 3rd or the 4th. The exam will take place at the IANT library (on second floor) beginning at 2pm

Website Launch will be launch and displayed to the community

Suffa Fundraiser

A short fundraiser after the first 4 rakats of tarawee

Ramadan Revival Event

Suffa will be hosting an event to help the community prepare themselves for Ramadan. The event will begin with a Quran recitation, follow by a short khatera by a suffa student, then a short lecture on how one can prepare themselves follow by some fiqh rulings on Ramadan and will close with a Q&A session

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