Summer Program Classes

Summer Program Classes

In our summer calligraphy class run by the Siddiqui sisters, students learned the art of Arabic lettering, and the design and execution in producing it themselves


Summer Kids Camp

In our Summer Kids Camp taught by Sister Mariem, the children learned all about the different animals mentioned in the Qur'an, along with their stories and the lessons taught by these stories. An interactive activity was offered with each animal, which offered a fun learning experience for the students. On this particular day, the children had just finished learning about the story of the ants in Surah Al-Naml, and were working on corresponding worksheets.



In our Qir'aa class, Sr. Asya helped the children perfect their reading by reading along with them and correcting their mistakes. By repeating the surah several times with them, the children are then able to read it correctly on their own with correct tajweed.



Taught by Dr. Khalid Kebbati, our Leadership class was a huge success with the students. As the name suggests, the students were taught the qualities of a true leader through examples and narrations of other righteous leaders in human history.



Our Hadith in Arabic class, taught by Dr. Irhabe, taught the students various different hadith by the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and were encouraged to implement them in their daily lives.


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