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The origins of "Suffa" can be traced to Islam's early  history beginning with "Ashab as-Suffa" or companions of the Bench. These Companions of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) lived and studied with the prophet in his masjid in Madinah. From A the beginning of the Prophet's mission, education was the key tool in understanding and propagating the Deen of Allah.
Dr. Yusuf Kavakci wished to continue this legacy of the Prophet and his Companions by establishing Ashab as-Suffa here in the West and in our time.Suffa Islamic Seminary's mission is to continue the long tradition of Islamic education by training and developing morally sound and intellectually creative scholars, leaders and imams through an integrated study of classical Islamic texts and modern social theories so that they will serve, guide and advance Muslim communities.


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Fall 2017 Class Offering

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  • 15 Sep 2017 Fall 2017 Class Offering
    Dates Starting: Septembet 15th 2017
    Date Ending: December 31st 2017
    $25 registration: no other fees
    Contact: suffaIANT@iant.com or IANT office to enroll..